SysTools BKF Repair Tool For Windows 10

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With BKF Repair tool, one can scan, repair and extract data from corrupt Windows backup file with .bkf file extension. The software is associated with a wide range of features which makes it effortless for the users to repair corrupt .bkf/.zip file. Moreover, no file size restriction is associated with this BKF/ZIP repair tool while repairing the BKF files.

  • Repair Windows NTBackup & Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec (.bkf) files
  • BKF Recovery tool offers Multi-level Scanning Modes — QuickDeep & Range Based
  • Preview BKF/ZIP data from recovered Windows backup (.bkf/.zip) files
  • Provide Quick Search option to find required data instantly
  • Extract data from Windows 10/8.1/8/7 backup files at desired location
  • Displays Real-time Scanning with its all progress details
  • No file size limitation – Tested Successful Recovery Up to 30 TB (.bkf/.zip) file
  • Maintain Original Formatting and Folder Structure after data recovery
  • Able to repair & restore Windows 7, XP, Vista to Windows 10 backup

Prominent Features of SysTools BKF Recovery Software

Repair BKF File Created with Windows NTBackup and VERITAS Backup Exec

1. Windows Backup Files Complete Recovery

The BKF file recovery software is capable to repair corrupt BKF files and restore healthy data in a seamless manner. With this Windows NT backup restore utility, one can easily recover BKF/ZIP file data such as documents, images, music files (audio and video) and all other items without modification. After backup recovery, tool maintains original formatting and folder structure of data files.

2. Support Symantec Exec & NTBackup

The BKF Recovery tool recovers data from VERITAS Backup Exec by Symantec and Windows NTBackup generated backup file. One can work with the software to restore/open BKF files without any issues as the repair BKF file tool is having a user-friendly interface. Software recovers corrupted Windows backup files without any data loss issues.

3. Recover Damaged/Corrupt Backup File

With this BKF Repair tool, user can repair BKF file which is highly corrupted and then restore the healthy data. There is no chance of occurring data loss, formatting and security issues while working the tool. Also, one can restore Windows backup from external hard drive without losing a bit of information.

4. Search & View Recovered Items

After repairing the corrupt BKF file data, this Windows file backup solution will display all the recovered items and healthy BKF file data on the software’s dashboard. The user can easily search and view the specific item within the backup data via file name or file extension.

5. Preview Restored BKF Data

After the recovery of BKF files, user can preview BKF data files with the help of its integrated viewer. This BKF file restore utility keeps maintain the original formatting and folder structure of recovered data.

6. Restore BKF/ZIP Backup Files

With this Windows file backup utility, one can also recover, view and extract data from Windows 10/8.1/8/7 backup ZIP and BKF files in just a few clicks. One just has to select the backup ZIP/BKF file and the software will repair or extract backup file data in a healthy state.

7. Multi-Level Scanning of Backup

One can recover Windows NTBackup & Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec BKF file according to the level of corruption via this Windows backup file tool. If the file is having minor corruption, then the user can opt for Quick Scan mode. On the other hand, for severe corruption, one has to select Deep Scan Mode. To carry out the recovery of selective files, one can make use of Range based scan.

8. Automatically Save Scanned Data

Once the Windows NT backup restore software scans corrupt backup file and scanned file will get saved automatically by the software. When user begins to process the same file next time, then this Windows NT backup restore utility will ask to simply load the previously save scanned file data that helps to save the time.

9. All or Selective BKF File Recovery

Windows backup software provides option to restore all or selective data in a hassle-free manner. In a situation to recover data of selective data files, one can opt for selective BKF recovery option. The user just has to check or uncheck the selective files/folder which are to be recovered.

10. Extract File At Desired Location

One can easily save the recovered corrupt BKF file data directly from the software’s interface. The tool provides two modes to extract data from BKF file. User can extract the file at the original location or can save the data at preferred location by browsing it.

11. Sort/Arrange Recovered Data

After recovering data from corrupt BKF file, user can sort the recovered file according to requirements. BKF Repair software permits the user to sort data by its name, size, date, column-wise in a seamless manner.

12. Supports All Windows OS Editions

The BKF recovery software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and so on. Using this tool, you can easily repair corrupt BKF file and restore Windows 7 backup to Windows 10 in a few steps.

How to repair corrupt BFK File using BKF Recovery Tool?

SysTools BKF Repair tool is an advanced solution to instantly recover corrupted/damaged data files with .bkf file extension. Quick working of BKF File Recovery are mentioned as follows:

  • Step 1: Download and run SysTools BKF Recovery Tool
  • Step 2: Add Windows BKF/ZIP file
  • Step 3: Click the ‘Scan’ button to restore corrupt BKF files in Windows OS
  • Step 4: Preview recovered BKF/ZIP file data
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Extract’ button to extract files.

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SysTools BKF Repair Tool For Windows 10
SysTools BKF Repair Tool For Windows 10
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