SysTools Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool For Windows or Mac

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Software to recover corrupt outlook PST file and safely restore all lost Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Journals etc. with 100% integrity. The SysTools Outlook PST Recovery advanced scan mechanism can parse highly corrupted PST file and reconstruct mailbox data with high precision. And save recovered Outlook data in a PST, EML, MSG, PDF, HTML or in Office 365.

Additional Features – SysTools Microsoft Outlook PST Recovery Software

Fix or Repair Corrupted PST File in Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019

1. Recover Outlook Email with Precision

Using Outlook PST Recovery tool, users can fix Outlook PST files & quickly recover damaged Outlook files. This PST Fix tool can easily recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook PST file items which includes contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. One need to choose Advanced Mode to recover deleted Outlook emails in bulk. The tool previews recovered deleted emails in Red Color in the preview panel.

2. Batch PST File Recovery with Accuracy

The Outlook Recovery Wizard supports to search multiple PST files from any drive on your local system. Once the entire searching is completed, you can check multiple PST files to fix multiple PST files at once. This provides advanced functionality to fix severely damaged PST Files in Batch Mode quickly using Search All Drive or Search Selected Drive option.

3. Select & Recover Outlook BAK File

The application can also be called as a Outlook.BAK file Recovery Tool. The user can select a corrupted Outlook.bak file (created by ScanPST.exe) directly using Select File / Search File option. The software will scan, repair and load all retrieved data items from the selected Outlook BAK file in the preview panel. You can save this recovered BAK files data items into a PST or PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, etc. Make sure, you have selected BAK file (backup of Outlook PST file) generated by Inbox repair Tool before loading it in software.

4. Remove Encryption from Outlook Email

The Outlook PST Recovery Tool provides the option to decrypt & remove SMIME / OpenPGP encryption from Outlook email messages. The software decrypts protected emails with its respective certificates, keys, and passwords. The tool also previews SMIME or OPENPGP encrypted emails and save them in PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, and in Office 365 account without encryption. This PST Repair & Recovery utility allows bulk decryption of Outlook email messages along the attachments.

5. Save PST Data at Location of Your Choice

After performing Outlook PST Recovery, you can restore Outlook PST file in .pst & export to .pdf, .eml or .msg formats. Recover Outlook data file .pst and saving it as EML, HTML & MSG will allow you to open & read emails in Windows Live Mail & Outlook respectively. Outlook Recovery provides the option for selective export items.

6. Selective Export for Data Items

The application provides ‘Export Selected’ option to save selected items (like a single email message) in required format. You can also Save Outlook folders selectively like Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items etc locally. You need to check / uncheck the PST folders to be saved. i.e, Outlook PST recovery tool not only allows to export fixed PST file items in bulk, but it also provides option to selectively export specific items from PST file.

7. Don’t Export Empty Folders

The Outlook PST Recovery Tool provides “Don’t Export Empty Folders” option for the users to exclude or delete Empty Folders in original PST file. For this, you need to Uncheck the “Maintain Folder Hierarchy” option and check “Don’t Export Empty Folders” option for not saving folders which do not contain any data. By enabling this facility, the application will skip all the folders that are empty during the export process.

8. Filter and Sort Items Option in Preview

After performing complete PST file recovery, the Outlook Recovery utility displays a list of complete recovered PST data. Now users can sort the data items on To, Cc, Bcc, Subject etc. (for mails) & export desired items. The date filter option sets a date range & filter emails to recover PST file and restore Outlook PST as PST, export to EML / HTML or MSG. This option within the Outlook Recovery Wizard helps to save selective data in a date range specified after fixing damaged Outlook PST files.

9. Retains Read & Unread Email Status

The Outlook PST Recovery software performs complete recovery of lost email items from loaded PST file. After successful Outlook Email Recovery, when users access recovered PST in MS Outlook, all the mailbox folders will be managed with read and unread count as it was in the original PST file. This is a helpful option provided by this tool, as the users won’t face difficulty while using the recovered PST data.

10. Option to Divide Large PST

You can break the PST file size into smaller parts with split PST option, and recover Outlook PST file. Select any required size in MB or GB (Minimum 100MB and Maximum 45 GB) & create PST’s of same sizes that are easier to manage. This Microsoft Outlook PST Repair tool helps to rebuild Outlook PST data files without corruptions and errors into multiple smaller PST data files.

11. Outlook Recovery at Your Pace & Convenience

The PST Recovery software can save scan results of loaded Outlook PST file, which can be loaded later to reinstate the Email Recovery process. It saves the scanned result as a DAT file and can reload the scan file by using ‘Load Scan PST’ option. It helps users to save the time spent on loading and scanning to restore Outlook PST mailbox data; as avoids the rescanning of the file.

12. PST Repair Modes – User Demanded

To fix Outlook archive PST or scanPST bak file; software quickly scans a selected file automatically to recover damaged Outlook PST file. The application then loads the preview of emails with attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks in Personal Storage File (.pst). However, if the PST or BAK file has a severe level of corruption then you are recommended to go for Advance Scan mode.

13. Enhanced Preview of Recovered Data

Once the PST file recovery process gets completed successfully, this tool lists all the recovered items along with their meta properties intact. Users can sort the data items directly from the preview pane using this meta-data. Also, one can preview and recover all the email data like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Contacts (Personal and Contact Details), Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Journals along with their attributes.

14. Retrieve Distribution List In Outlook

Users spend so much of their time in assembling an Outlook Distribution List and the accidental deletion of this list feels like a major catastrophe. However, with SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool it is very simple to recover permanently deleted distribution list of MS Outlook PST data file. The software recovers all components of a distribution list such as All Members, Email Addresses, Contacts etc. without any data loss.

15. Fix PST and Save in PDF Format

This PST Recovery tool allows to recovering and fix PST file data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. along with attachments. You can save these retrieved PST data items in Adobe PDF format. The utility provides various advanced settings option like, date filter, naming option, message header inclusion, Page Layout (Margin, Paper Orientation, Size) & Bates Number (Format, Date Stamp, Position) settings. Export repaired and recovered data from a corrupted PST file to PDF format easily without data loss.

16. Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The feature help the users to save Outlook PST Data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals according to same folder hierarchy as they are saved in source file. The order and name of files and folders will not be changed even after saving PST files into PST, PDF, MSG, EML, HTML or in using this feature.

17. Provide Ignore System Folder Option

The software includes Ignore System Folder option that can be used to avoid or exclude the ‘Top of the personal folder’ in the ROOT (Non-Imp Subtree) folder that comprises Common Views, Favorites, Finder, Freebusy Data, Recoverable Items etc. In addition, it keeps the successive folder intact or unchanged.

18. Flexible & Useful Naming Options

Outlook PST recovery tool allows you to rebuild PST file as EML, PDF, HTML or MSG file formats then you can select one of the multiple naming options available to save emails for better manageability. Opt any naming option like: Subject, Subject+Date(DD-MM-YYYY), From+ Subject+Date(YYYY-MM-DD), Date(DD-MM-YYYY)+From +Subject, Date (YYYY-MM-DD)+From+Subject, Date(MM-DD-YYYY)+Subject+From, Date(YYYY-MM-DD)+Subject, AutoIncrement (Only applicable for emails).

19. Save Export Report

Once all the items get successfully exported into required file format, the Outlook PST Repair software will generate an Export Report. It provides the success and failure count of items after complete PST data Recovery & Export process. You can also save this Export Report regarding the details of recovered damaged Outlook PST files as .csv for future reference by specifying the destination location.

20. Outlook Style Interface

Graphic interface of the Outlook PST Recovery Tool to fix PST files resembles Microsoft Outlook UI (User Interface). The similar appearance of Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2019 interface on software panel makes it more user-friendly for all kind of users. So this Outlook PST Recovery Software enables naive and non-technical users to fix PST file from Outlook without any confusions.

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SysTools Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool For Windows or Mac
SysTools Microsoft Outlook Recovery Tool For Windows or Mac
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