SysTools PDF Extractor Software For Image & Text in Windows & Mac OS

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Software to Export Elements from PDF Documents on Windows & Mac

  • Provides the option to extract items from multiple PDF files at once
  • The tool supports to extract attachments from PDF documents
  • Allows to extract inline images from PDF files in batch
  • Provides support to extract text from multiple PDF documents
  • Provides Attachment filters i.e. File type & Attachment Size
  • Allows to Apply image settings i.e. Save Inline Images into PDF & other image formats
  • Option to Create Individual PDF or Create Single PDF for extracted images
  • Gives the option to extract items in a single folder or individual folder
  • Allows to Apply Page Settings for extracting text & images from selective pages
  • Gives support to Maintain formatting of extracted PDF file text
  • Maintain page number on Top or Bottom page of extracted text files
  • Provides support to extract known password-protected / restricted PDF

Highlighted Features of PDF File Extractor Software for Windows & Mac

Attributes that Ensure the Smooth PDF Document Extraction

1. Extract Attachments from PDF Files

This PDF Extractor for Windows & Mac gives the functionality to extract all or selected attachments from PDF documents. However, after the PDF file extract process, all the attachments are saved in the original file format in the hard disk.

2. Extract Inline Images from PDF

Free download the PDF File Extraction tool & extract all inline images from Adobe PDF files. After the process completion, all the images are in their original resolution. Moreover, there will be no file formatting done by the tool all data remains as it is was before.

3. Extract Text from PDF Files

The PDF File extraction tool allows users to extract data from multiple PDF documents at a same time. After extracting the PDF file text the data will be saved in .txt file format. Users can add single or multiple PDF documents to perform PDF text extraction process.

4. Extract Elements from Multiple PDF Files

This PDF Extractor for Mac & Win can process multiple PDF documents at the same time. The user needs to select either “Add Files” / “Add Folder” option to insert various PDF files. Once the files are added, items can be easily extracted from PDF documents. Also, with the Remove option, users can eliminate unwanted PDF files.

5. Support Protected PDF Files

This software also supports user level password protected PDF documents. But, the valid password must be known to a user. The tool gives the option to enter the PDF password for extracting the items. As soon as the password is entered by the user, the tool will extract items from PDF files. Note: The software also support to extract PDF files which are restricted (i.e. having owner level security).

6. Shows Progress Status

While performing the export process the PDF Extractor tool shows the progress status. Before the process completion, the Status will be “In Progress” & soon as it gets completed it will be changed to “Completed”. Also, it shows the size of each added PDF document in KB. Other details like Total file count, success count, failed count, and destination path are also shown.

7. Multiple Folder options

The tool provides the “Create Single Folder only” option & enabling this option will extract all attachments, inline images, and text of all PDF files in a single folder. A single folder is created at the destination location containing all attachments, inline images & text of all PDF files. Also, when this option is not selected the software will create a source PDF name folder containing its extracted attachments, inline images, and text.

8. Provide Filters for Attachments

The PDF Extractor for Mac & Win provides two filter options to extract attachments i.e. File Size & File Type. In the File Size filter again two options are given i.e. Up To & More Than. So that users can extract attachments up to or more than the specified size. While, in the second filter choose either “Include or Exclude file type” for extracting selective attachments.

9. Provides Filters for Inline Images

The PDF File Extractor tool gives the option to apply image settings i.e. Save Inline images into PDF, PNG, GIF, etc., Create individual PDF, and Create single PDF. Users can select any of these settings as per the requirement. The tool supports to create individual PDF for each inline-image. Moreover, it can also save all inline images in a single PDF.

10. Provides Options to Apply Text Settings

The software gives two options to apply text settings i.e. Maintain Formatting & Maintain Page Number. Selecting the first option will maintain the formatting of the extracted PDF text. While on the other hand, the second option will maintain the page number on the top or bottom page of the extracted text file(s).

11. Option to Apply Page Settings

The PDF Extractor Tool for Windows & Mac gives the functionality to apply page settings. It provides 5 different page options to extract text. It includes All Pages, Even Pages, Odd Pages, Page Ranges, and Page Number. Users can select any of them as per their requirements.

12. Available for Windows & Mac

This PDF Extractor software is available for both operating system users i.e. Windows and Mac. Supported Windows OS are 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, and 2016. And supported Mac OS X versions are 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15.

PDF Extractor Software Windows & Mac – Feature Comparison

Get the Complete Overview of DEMO and Licensed Version of the Tool to Export Elements from PDF Files

FeaturesDEMO VersionFULL Version
Add PDF Files / Add Folder optionYesYes
Extract Items from PDF FilesYesYes
Selective PDF Items ExtractionYesYes
Compatible with Windows OS 10 & below versionsYesYes
Support Mac OS X 10.8 & Above VersionsYesYes
Preview Progress StatusYesYes
Support Unlimited PDF FilesFirst 5 PDF FilesYes

Frequently Asked Questions about PDF Extractor Tool

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How can I extract items from PDF files with this tool?

Use these 5 steps to extract elements from PDF documents

  • Step 1: Download and run the PDF Extractor Software
  • Step 2: Click on Add Files / Add Folder option
  • Step 3: Click on Change & select the destination location
  • Step 4: Select the item type “Attachments”, “Inline Images” or “Text”
  • Step 5: Apply Page Settings to extract images & text from selective pages
  • Step 6: Click on the “Extract” button to start the PDF file extraction

Can I use this tool on Windows OS to save all inline images?

Yes, this PDF file extraction tool is compatible with Windows OS 10 and below versions to save all embedded inline images from PDF.

Can I use this software on macOS Cataline??

Yes, of course, the PDF file extraction tool for Mac is compatible with macOS Catalina and below versions.

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SysTools PDF Extractor Software For Image & Text in Windows & Mac OS
SysTools PDF Extractor Software For Image & Text in Windows & Mac OS
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